Here is an Example of a Roman Catholic Ceremony.I have outlined below parts of the ceremony that require songs or music.You will also see on my song list I have outlined the appropriate placements where each song and hymn should be placed for the different parts of the mass. This will make choosing your music an enjoyable experience.

Processional/ Entrance

You can choose either a song or Instrumental piece for this part of your ceremony. Both is beautiful.

Lighting of the first candles

This is a beautiful part of the ceremony where you will both light candles.This symbolises your status as individuals. Usually an opening hymn is sung here, instrumental background music also works really as this part doesn’t take very long. Sometimes your priest will invite you to light these candles as you have reached the top of the aisle, In this case your Entrance song can be continued over the candle ceremony.

Responsorial Psalm

This is between the first and second reading. A psalm is required for this part or your ceremony.

Alleluia/ Gosple Acclamation

This is after the second reading and before the gospel The option I offer are Alleluia Alleluia and Seinn Alleluia.

Lighting of Unity Candle

Once you have said your vows and exchanged your rings to one another you will then light a candle together,This symbolises your unity together as a married couple. You can choose an Instrumental piece,song or hymn for this part of your ceremony.


The gifts will be brought to the altar by family members, You can choose a hymn of instrumental music here.

Sign of Peace

You can have a song here or an instrumental piece. Some people choose to have music and some not to have any. Its preference to yourselves.


I would recommend that you have two pieces here. I would recommend the first one be songs such as ”The Voice Of an Angle” Ag Criost an siol” The Prayer” The Clouds Veil” and the second you can choose something more contemporary ensuring it is Okayed by your priest.

Signing of the register

I would recommend once again you choose two songs here.I feel these should be special songs that mean something to both you and your husband to be.


The traditional way was to have an Instrumental piece here but brides and grooms today are choosing upbeat songs which I feel has a great impact on the end of the Ceremony.